Junior Year

Chivalrous Typeface

While this may look like a lettering project, it was actually a type system challenge. Being the project was only seven weeks, there was no time to make an entire alphabet. Instead, I picked one word and worked its design into what would ideally have been a working type system. Then to finish the project off, paired it with an illustration which was eventually screen printed. Medieval heraldry was my inspiration for both type and image.

Barry's Tea 

A magazine ad featuring a rebrand of class Irish Tea brand, Barry's. As per the parameters of the project I needed to have at least one real photo of the actual product in the illustration. This one is near and dear as I am first generation Irish American and I grew up drinking this tea brand. It's a new spin on the old symbol of the claddagh ring. 

Maker faire

This event takes place at the Seattle MOPOP museum every year and each year they are in need of a new poster and brand image. I created this as an entry for the event. The central idea is the community coming together to create something. I also included the museum itself as part of the faux model, to further the association between the event and where it takes place. The robot is the official mascot of Maker Faire, but few official posters utilize the little fella. 

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