Senior Projects

tres Leches

This poster was designed for a Seattle post-punk band to be sold at Timbrrr! Music Festival. They have three band members and each one can sing, play the drums and guitar. I wanted to capture how the three members were a part of a whole. A picture of the three bandmates huddling under an umbrella on their Facebook page also inspired my design. The final result was screen printed and sold at the show. They can be found under the title "Tres Leches Band" on Facebook and the band members include Alaia D'Alessandro, Zander Yates and Ulises Mariscal.

The Last tree

My senior project has focused on the writing, drawing and colouring of a graphic novel about a child searching the desert for the last tree on Earth. While I could only cover the first 26 pages there will be more to come and I plan on setting up its own website where anyone can read the whole thing as I progress.

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