Sophomore Projects


This project was to create three different wordmarks using the same nonsense word assigned to me. I then received three random company descriptions and created an identity to suit each one. 

Screen Printing

The task here was to redesign a book cover of my choice while simultaneously crafting its own style of lettering and then screen print the final result. I chose Bulfinch's Mythology because of my interest in the topic and the use of symbols. Plus, almost every copy has a staid and boring cover and I thought it was time it got a modern facelift. Just because it was published in 1867 doesn't mean it has to look like it! 

Zeitgeist distillery

A rather amorphous assignment. For five weeks in my studio course readings and various films were assigned. We then responded simply by making whatever came into our heads. At the end of the five weeks, a bigger project of our choosing was to be delivered covering all five subjects we discussed every week. I came up with a satirical alcohol brand. 

Summer Work

Ever the busy bee, I worked into the summer, assigning myself projects to create. I wanted to work on my design and illustration skills. Most of these are book related because, well, I love books. There are wedding invitations as well  and even a few snowboard designs.

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